The Collective Summer Bash

The belated Collective London summer party was an absolute triumph. Food fit for a Michelin Star Restaurant.

The (belated) Collective London summer party kicked off in the best way: Champagne for breakfast!

After sorting ourselves into two (very competitive!) teams, we headed to the Underground Cookery School in Shoreditch.

On arrival, each team was tasked with sourcing ten ingredients for the lowest price, and in the shortest time, to cook our meals with. Oh, and there was a catch: we weren’t allowed to purchase anything from chain supermarkets.

An apprentice-style dash ensued!

One team even decided to put their haggling skills to the test, asking for free food from restaurants. Surprisingly, this had a favourable outcome! Of course, the winning team was headed by our Managing Director, thanks to her tight hold on their budget and timings.

Next, it was time for us to become master chefs for the afternoon. We tried our hand at cooking elements of a three-course meal, including pasta linguine from scratch, duck, and a lemon and apple cheesecake (some with more success than others).

After enjoying the fruits of our labour, we finished the night at the London Cocktail Club, arriving just in time for happy hour.

All in all, the Collective Summer Party was a great success and allowed for the entire agency to get together, reflect and celebrate all of the incredible hard work recently.

Tallulah Jepson is currently undertaking a Client Service Internship at Collective London, working across a range of our accounts, supporting our Account Management team and keeping spirits high in the office.